OrthoPox Threat Detection Kit 10/BX


Are you concerned about the possibility of a smallpox threat? Look no further than the BADD Orthopox Testing Kit. Our state-of-the-art kit is designed to provide you with a quick presumptive identification helping you gauge the necessary response for such an event.

With the BADD Orthopox Testing Kit, you can quickly and easily test for the presence of the Vaccinia virus in field collected samples.




Protect From This Category A Bioterrorism Agent/Disease

The public health systems and hazmat first responders must be prepared to address various biological agents, including pathogens that have been eradicated (1980) and only exist in two labs throughout the world today (USA and Russian federation). There is a credible concern that in the past some countries made the virus into weapons, which may have fallen into the hands of terrorists or other people with criminal intentions.

POX-KIT-10 OrthoPox Threat Detection Kit, 10/box

  1. Fast and Easy: Our testing kit is user-friendly, with clear instructions that make it easy to perform the test in the field. You can get results in just 15 minutes, allowing you to take prompt action if necessary.
  2. Reliable and Accurate: The BADD Orthopox Testing Kit is designed to provide highly accurate results, minimizing the risk of false positives or false negatives.
  3. Early Detection: Detecting the smallpox virus early would be crucial for effective response and containment. With the BADD Orthopox Testing Kit, you can be prepared to take appropriate measures to respond to the threat of smallpox.

Advanced Technology for Precise Detection

The BADD Orthopox Test Kit is an immunochromatography assay designed to provide a quick presumptive identification  of selected biological warfare agents. Polyclonal antibodies are used because of their superior sensitivity. Monoclonal antibodies are used for their high degree of specificity and sensitivity.







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