Advnt Biotechnologies understands the importance of proper training. That’s why we have created the most comprehensive line of training tools in the industry. Tools that precisely mimic real world scenarios. Every one of our devices have been thoroughly tested for accuracy, dependability and ease-of-use. Advnt training products are used by more professional trainers around the world than any other HHA device.

ATTAK™ is a unique training device developed to assist HAZMAT instructors in providing highly accurate training programs, to students and trainees in the area of biothreat detection/screening.

When used in conjunction with Advnt’s ThreatDust™ and ThreatJuice™, ATTAK™ kits are designed to imitate an actual credible threat. This “imposter” kit allows you to train students in a realistic setting. The ATTAK™ device is ordered “pre-programmed” to your specifications. You choose the bio-threat you want your students to train for, anthrax, ricin, botulinum, Y. pestis, SEB or a mix of all outcomes.

ThreatDust™ is a non-toxic powder that closely mimics a suspicious biothreat agent. This realistic powder is provided in both a positive and negative format and can be used in a variety of settings and applications. ThreatDust™ allows you to train your team without the concern of exposing them to potential hazards. ThreatDust™ provides an accurate training scenario with immediate visual readouts of the results. The same results you will encounter during an actual response.

ThreatJuice™ is a non-toxic liquid that provides a positive response in our ATTAK™ training kits. This innovative simulant mimics a biothreat agent suspended in liquid. ThreatJuice™ is included and ready to use in our ATTAK™ PAK PS-A5 kits. ThreatJuice™ is perfect for those looking to expand their training offerings, while providing a safe environment for the student.

Pro Strips™ Simulation Trainer Kit 5
Pro Strip Simulation Trainer kits are designed to provide a clear understanding of the variety of results that can occur in an HHA threat detection kit. Pro Strips simulation kits give students insight to 5 different test outcomes, which make them an excellent tool to introduce the trainee to HHA’s. One (1) Pro Strips Simulation kit is included in all PS-A5 ATTAK PAK’s.

Simulation/Trainer kits are available in five distinct formats

  • ATTAK PAK™ 5 Trainer Kits, part # PS-A5 (SP-BA-RC-CB-YP-SE)
  • Pro Strips™ 5 Simulation Trainer Kit, part # PS-5S
  • BADD trainer Kits, part # SIM-KIT-10
  • ThreatDust™ and ThreatJuice™ are available only in our PS-A5 ATTAK PAKS.