Our Services

Advnt Biotechnologies offers several ways for you to gain access to our high quality products, knowledge base and R&D expertise.

OEM & Private Label Solutions Services and Options: Advnt Biotechnologies, LLC offers customized product solutions to meet your demand for environmental detection devices. Distributors can obtain our world-renowned BADD™ (Biowarfare Agent Detection Devices), the state-of-the-art Pro Strips™ 5 agent Rapid Screening System and Toxic Mold Detection solutions through our OEM/Private Label program. Our high-quality, innovative products combined with exceptional service and support will maximize the value of your product offerings. Contact our business development team about your specific needs, and we will work to provide the best, most cost-effective solution for you.

To find out about AdVnt’s “Value Added Reseller” Program, please contact us via email or call (888)223-3269