AdVnt’s “INFORMANT PLUS” 15-Minute Toxic Black Mold & Fungal Allergen Detection Test is a highly accurate testing technology called immunochromatographic assays, also know as a rapid test or Hand-Held Assays (HHAs).

The “Informant PLUS” is designed to detect the most common black mold producing species of Aspergillus, Penicillium, Stachybotrys and many of the major & minor fungal allergens.

The table below lists many of the specific species and the Limits of Detection (LOD) for AdVnt’s “INFORMANT PLUS” BLACK MOLD & FUNGAL ALLERGEN DETECTION TEST:

Species Concentrations Species Concentrations
S. echinata 1X10^5 spore/ml A. restrictus 1X10^4 spore/ml
S. chartarum 1X10^5 spore/ml A. sydowii 1X10^5 spore/ml
S. microspora 1X10^7 spore/ml A. versicolor 1X10^7 spore/ml
S. chlorohalonata 1X10^6 spore/ml A. amstelodami 1X10^5 spore/ml
A. fumigatus 1X10^5 spore/ml P. brevicompactum 1X10^7 spore/ml
A. flavus 1X10^5 spore/ml P. chrysogenum 1X10^5 spore/ml
A. niger 1X10^7 spore/ml C. globosum 1X10^4 spore/ml
Wallemia sebi 1X10^6 spore/ml A. ochraceus 1X10^6 spore/ml
A. candidus 1X10^7 spore/ml A. oryzae 1X10^7 spore/ml
A. sclerotiorum 1X10^5 spore/ml A. ustus 1X10^6 spore/ml
P. corylophilum 1X10^5 spore/ml P. crustosum 1X10^6 spore/ml
P. notatum 1X10^7 spore/ml P. citrinum 1X10^7spore/ml
P. oxalicum 1X10^7 spore/ml P. spinulosum 1X10^6 spore/ml
P. variable 1X10^5 spore/ml Acremonium strictum 1X10^6 spore/ml
C. cladosporioides v2 1X10^5 spore/ml C. cladosporioides v1 1X10^5 spore/ml

Bolded are most common toxigenic species, Non-bolded are common allergenic species.

Features include:

  • Two (2) Separate detection windows for Aspergillus/Penicillium from Stachybotrys
  • Broad spectrum reactivity with black mold and many allergenic species
  • Accurate results in as little as 3 minutes, maximum testing time 15 minutes
  • Two (2) year shelf life from date of manufacture
  • Each test individually packaged in a vapor-lock pouch
  • independently evaluated by an AIHA laboratory

Worldwide Patent License Agreement

In 2010 AdVnt Biotechnologies entered into a Public Health Service Patent License Agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as Public Health Service agencies of the United States Public Health  Service within the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) for the development of a Rapid Hand-Held Assay for Black Mold Detection, for the public benefit.

The management system governing the manufacture of these products is ISO 9001:2008- certified and ISO 13485:2003-certified. AdVnt’s expertise in antibody optimization, combined with proprietary materials and processes has yielded two product offerings for the detection of certain Black Toxic Mold Species, Major and Minor Allergenic Fungal Species, for the public benefit.