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Key Features:

Comprehensive Testing: Detects a spectrum of commonly abused substances, including fentanyl, cocaine, methamphetamine, oxycodone, and xylazine.

DIY No Lab Required: Empower yourself with a do-it-yourself solution that eliminates the need for specialized expertise.

Rapid Results: Obtain preliminary analytical results in just 3 minutes, enabling swift decision-making in forensic scenarios.

Immunochromographic Technology: Leveraging advanced immunochromographic principles for reliable and efficient detection.


DIY Multi-Drug Test Kit for Forensic Use – Results in 3 Minutes

Welcome to the future of forensic drug detection with our Drugs of Abuse Multi-Drug Screening Test Kit. This DIY solution is a game-changer, offering qualitative determination of illicit drugs in environmental samples within just 3 minutes. Unveil a new level of efficiency and accuracy in your forensic endeavors.

For Forensic Use:

This multi-drug screening kit is expressly designed for forensic applications. Its preliminary results provide a valuable snapshot, but it’s essential to note that for confirmed analytical results, a more specific alternative chemical method must be employed.


Prepare Sample: Collect your environmental sample for testing.

Apply Sample: Administer the sample to the provided testing device.

Wait for Results: In just 3 minutes, observe the test lines for a preliminary indication of the presence of illicit substances.


This test kit is intended for forensic use only. The assay provides a preliminary analytical result, and it is crucial to employ a more specific chemical method for confirmed results.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is highly recommended when using this product in testing for drugs of abuse. This includes gloves, eye protection, and a mask for breathing protection.

Choose Accuracy, Choose Efficiency – Order Your DIY Multi-Drug Test Kit Today!

Unleash the power of rapid, on-the-spot forensic drug detection. Order your Drugs of Abuse Multi-Drug Screening Test Kit now and step into a new era of efficiency in forensic analysis.

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