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Is there a simple home test or mold detection device that can actually detect mold immediately?

Yes, it's called the "Informant 15 Minute Black Mold Detection Test Kit". This device developed and manufactured by Advnt Biotechnologies, is a simple-to-use test that actually detects mold in the home, office, school, or anywhere mold may be present, in 15 minutes or less. Other so-called "Do-It-Yourself" mold tests such as tape lifts, swabs, and petri dish mold kits, claim to do the same thing. Unfortunately they don't. These kits are actually simple collection devices which require that you package and ship your collected sample to a designated lab for testing before you can obtain an answer as to whether mold, and what type of mold, is present in your surroundings.

Another product on the market today is the "Instant Mold Test" This device claims to provide immediate detection by changing from green to purple if mold is present. This device is actually a simple protein test originally developed for the food industry to verify the cleanliness of food prep surfaces. So while it may detect mold in general, it will also change to purple for thousands of other substances you can find in a home, office or school each and every day, like foods and dust, nearly everything of organic material.

The "Informant 15 Minute Mold Detection Test Kit" is different. It is the only commercially available mold test specifically designed to detect black mold, such as Aspergillus, Penicillium and Stachybotrys, three of the biggest concerns in the mold industry today. Our in-home black mold detection device utilizes proprietary reagents that very accurately determine if these mold types are present in high concentrations and then provide you with an answer in 15 minutes or less.

Home testing for black mold like Stachybotrys is especially important. Exposure to significant quantities of these mold spores can cause a series of negative reactions. Under proper growing conditions, some species of molds can generate compounds called mycotoxins. In large quantities or with chronic exposure, mycotoxins can be toxic to humans and animals.

Black mold is a dark greenish-black substance that can create symptoms like allergies, asthma and bronchitis, flu-like symptoms, other respiratory problems, headaches, cognitive problems, and skin irritation. If you are experiencing unusual respiratory problems, it may be the result of black mold symptoms. Killing, cleaning and removal of black mold is crucial as airborne spores can spread throughout the house.